Not just another DEX. An entirely decentralized business model.

DecenTradex is a decentralized ERC-20 trading, swap, defi platform with market maker tools and integrated fiat-on-ramp. With no KYC required. But we also have something a bit unique about us. We’re designing an entirely decentralized business model. Contrary to what has been the norm in the crypto space, of exchanges charging and pocketing enormous listing fees for coin/token listings, we are going to do something different. Any listing fees taken by DecenTradex are going to be redistributed back to the users of the exchange in an airdrop to holders of the DCX token. The only listing fee that we will charge is not in BTC or ETH, but it will a negotiated amount in the token that is applying for listing. 100% of the listing fee will be distributed to holders of the DCX token. This can also be a great help to new token projects who need help with distribution, awareness, and trading volume.

Recent Airdrops to DCX holders